Scuola Superiore "Sant'Anna"
Città Pisa
Durata 8 Mesi
Stage SI

The Master in Information Technology takes its rightful place in the context of an initiative aimed at establishing an agreement between Italy and India in the area of the information and communication technology.

Within this initiative, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna makes contacts with the universities of Mumbai, Bangalore and Madras, with the Indian Institute of Technology and with the Center for Software Engineering of Mumbai.
Then bilateral agreements are stipulated to exchange teachers and/or PhD students among the various institutions and an agreement is made to carry out a Master Course in software technologies at the School.

To be eligible for admission to the Master program, a student must hold a Bachelor Degree (normally from a four-year program) or its equivalent in the area of Information and Communication Technology.

The master course is comprised of two periods, each with its own conceptual autonomy and with different detail levels.
The first period is related to the didactical part carried out in the labs of the Sant’Anna School. It is 8 months long, and it is divided into two sub-periods of 4 months each.
The second period is related to the internship phase, carried out in a company of the field. A project work will be performed, which constitutes the concluding activity of the whole journey.
The didactical period constitutes an intellectually ambitious path which requires a continuous effort and a strong will to succeed. The aim is the transmission of the knowledge through a proper mix of frontal didactics, lab practice, specialized seminars and testimonies from companies.
The course is held in English.
The frontal didactics and the practical sessions are organized into 13 didactic modules:

  1. Italian language & European Culture
  2. Operating Systems
  3. C++: programming and design
  4. Database Management Systems
  5. Networking
  6. Network Management Systems
  7. Java
  8. Security
  9. Internet Software Technology
  10. Distributed Systems
  11. Real-Time Systems
  12. Design of Embedded Systems
  13. Advanced Software Engineering

The didactic phase provides a cumulative engagement of 510 hours, among lessons, practical sessions, seminars and examinations. Attending the residential didactics is mandatory.
At the end of a pair of didactic modules there is a one-week break for studying in depth the topics dealt with, and to prepare for the modules’examinations.


Stage Stage work is a fundamental step in the Master's program. The purpose is to build upon the theoretical foundations acquired during the lesson period by actually developing a work experience in one of the companies supporting the program. The stage time may vary from a minimum of four months to a maximum of 6 months. The subject of the project work developed during the stage is chosen accordingly to the industrial goals of the partner companies in order to ease integration of the students in the company environment and in order to keep both sides fully motivated. It is the responsibility of the Scuola and the Master faculty to engage students and hosting companies (with the corresponding stage projects). Admission to the industrial stage period is subjected to the fulfillment of the administrative and academic duties. During the stage time students can benefit from the support of an academic tutor as well as a company tutor. The result of the work experience performed during the stage time is documented in the final project work presented by each student at the end of the Master course. The project work not only gives access to the Master graduation, but is also a fundamental step in the achievement of the Master’s goals. The quality of the project work is a fundamental metric in assessing the outcome of the individual Master experience and it is also an enabler for achieving higher goals in the professional career. Borse di studio e finanziamenti Thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all indian students admitted to the Master will be entitled to the following:

  • Tuition waiver for the Master course
  • A 750 Euros per month scholarship during the first eight months. During the 4-month period of project work traineeship, students will receive from the hosting companies an equivalent monthly allowance
  • Health insurance for the 12-month period.
All over expenses including: travel, accommodation, and meals are at to be borne by the students.

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