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The second level Master of Environment Management and control: tecniques and tecnologies for the waste Cycle has been thought to give an excellent education for everyone interested in the integrated waste cycle’s area. This Master also offers some specialististic modules for technicians that are already employed in this area.

The Master is based on a multi-disciplinary approach to cope with all aspects connected with the integrated waste cycle, urban waste, special, solid and liquid.

The Master of Environment Management and Control: tecniques and tecnologies for the waste Cycle accepts from a minimum of 15 members to a maximum of 25.
They could present request of admission if they are graduate in scientific, engineering, legal end economic subjects. We accept for selection also people who are going to be graduate by not later than March.

Sbocchi occupazionali
The Master of Environment Management and Control aims to train a professional figures able to operate in the following activities:

  • Environment legislation with particular attention to waste
  • Examination of waste production and waste stock plans
  • Organisation of waste collection system
  • Organisation of waste stock modality
  • Aspects of waste cycle cost
  • Planning waste cycle plants
  • Examination of environment impact (VIA) for waste plants
  • Examination of health impact (VIS) for waste plants
  • Life cycle analisys on products
  • Planning waste recovery plants
  • Pretreatment and composting waste plants design
  • Incinerator planning with designing elements
  • Waste recycling plants
  • Filter and biogas recycling plants design
  • Planning put on permanent security and dump
  • Planning energetic recovery plans
  • Planning monitored disposal (dump)
  • Supervision and control at medium and longer range
  • Planning biomass plans
  • Risk analisys
  • Landfill mining design
  • Waste stabilization with bioventing

The course will be about waste production, different kind of collection and stock and relative cost; from pre-treatment plant to their final destination, from drain runaway reclaims to analisys of danger and long run supervising.
The master offers a scientific approach to the progectual instruments and manegement estimation, focusing the attention to the amministrative and financial aspects.

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