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The Italian Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce the new edition of the Master in Hospitality and Hotel Management.

Over the years, this course has been a unique international example of vocational training. The focus has been on providing better prospects through lectures in English given by professionals of the sector who work in London, a capital of hospitality, and major internship opportunities in top hotels. In fact, 80% of candidates find a job within 3 months after the end of their internship. The course provides an in-depth overview of the industry, enabling students with a genuine interest to enter this social business already with an understanding of what excellent customer service is. People, or rather human resources, are the key feature that makes the difference in this top market. Attentive, committed and determined individuals have the chance to learn essential skills, including organizational ability and problem-solving, which result in doing the job competently.
The subjects taught during the intensive one-month of lectures give an accurate overview of the different kinds of management involved in the sector (sales, events and front of house), as well as marketing, communication and hospitality law. The three to six month internship provides an invaluable experience, which is useful in approaching not only the British or Italian market, but the market on an international level as well. This course is the best way to forge your career in hospitality.
The Master in Hospitality and Hotel Management includes:

  • lecture material provided in digital format;
  • tutor assistance;
  • personalized placement service;
  • complimentary accommodation in London during the first term of MA (classes);
  • complimentary return flight to London (either from Rome or Milan);
  • complimentary transfer to the accommodation from London airport.

The classes are structured as follows:

  • Tourism Marketing and Communication;
  • General Accountancy;
  • Food & Beverage and Sales Management;
  • Reservation;
  • Congress & Events Management;
  • Leadership;
  • Managing and evaluating human resources;
  • Front of the house management;
  • Hospitality Law;
  • Case Histories.

Students will be supported throughout the classes for a constant learning and to get prepared to the internship, which will provide valuable experience departing from an on-the-field point of view.
Students are provided professional help through aimed coaching by the tutor of the course.
Courses are conducted predominantly in English.


Durata The MA will last for 4 or 7 months and will be divided into two terms. There will be a first month of tuition, followed by an internship of a minimum of 3 months up to 6 months. The classes will start in February and end in March. The first term of the MA consists of approximately 180 hours of classes, plus 20 hours of individual study. The second term will require, for all the students, at least 500 hours of internship during a minimum 3 month period. This course requires attendance of a minimum of 75% of the lectures. The classes will take place from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm; Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Stage Once the in-class period is over, students will undertake a 500-hour internship. This could be longer (6 months), at the discretion of the hosting company. Among the hotels which previously took on board our students, we can mention Grange, Dukes, Crowne Plaza, The Ritz, Sanctum, Millennium, The Rocco Forte Collection, Melia Whitehouse and Baglioni. The internship takes place at the end of the initial lecture period according to the availability of the hosting companies. Costo The Master's fee is GBP 3,400 + VAT (20%) Borse di studio e finanziamenti To participate in the allocation of the 15 scholarships available at £480 each (VAT included), applicants need to send, alongside the previously mentioned documents, a self-assessment income tax return. To participate in the first round of selection, applicants need to send the documents by December. After this deadline, a first ranking will be drafted and 6 applicants will be granted a partial scholarship. There will then be a second round of selection for those who have sent their application by December and have not participated in the first selection. After this second deadline, a second ranking will be drafted and another 5 applicants will be granted a partial scholarship. The third round of selection will be intended for those who have sent their application by the 11th January 2013 and have not participated in the previous selections. Applicants who have been granted a scholarship will be contacted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK for their payment details. Applicants judged eligible but not awarded a scholarship will be still entitled to enroll for the MA. The last deadline for the submission of the application is for the reaching of the maximum number of participants. Considering that there are a limited number of places, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK reserves the right to accept or reject applications. Because of the limited number of participants, the earliest applications will be considered successful.

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