Politecnico di Torino
Città Torino
Costo 8000 €
Durata 12 Mesi
Stage SI

The II Level Specializing Master MACT in Automatica and Control Technologies is a post graduate academic program (taken after a Master of Science program) that provides high quality training. It provides students with professional knowledge and skills.

The specializing Master in Automatica and Control Technologies (MACT) is a high-level educational opportunity for both newly graduated students and experienced employees that wish to acquire state-of-the art knowledge in the fields of systems engineering and automatic control.
This Master course provides both methodological insight on modeling, optimization and control of complex dynamical systems, as well as technological competencies on industrial apparatus for control implementation.
The MACT further offers courses with focus on advanced applications such as smart sensors, energy management, control of financial risk, automotive control systems, aero-space control systems, precision machining, mobile robotics, industrial networks, etc.

In order to be admitted into the second level Specializing Master program, applicants must possess a 5-year (10 semesters) university degree.
The MACT program is addressed to graduate students having completed a curriculum in engineering, mathematics, physics, biology, economics or related areas.
To profitably follow the Master program, candidates should have some background on basic dynamical systems and differential equations, and some knowledge of linear algebra, transforms, probability and stochastic variables.
Prospective candidates must have good command of written and spoken English. All tuition will be in English.
Specializing master students are under the obligation to attend the specializing master program throughout the established one-year period and to acquire the related credits. A specializing master student cannot be enrolled in any other university program.

Sbocchi occupazionali
The MACT – Master in Automatica and Control Technologies opens many employment opportunities, both in the local Piemonte area and at international level. Piemonte hosts several world-leading industries that heavily rely on automatica and control technologies, such as FIAT, COMAU, Prima Industrie, DEA, Alenia Aeronautica, Thales Alenia, etc, where the MACT laureate may find interesting opportunities as a Systems Engineer or responsible of automation and production lines. In a global context, the high level, systemic view gained by the MACT laureate on complex processes make him/her a precious resource for any kind of innovative enterprise founding its business on technology and innovation.

Fall quarter

  • Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
  • System Identification Estimation and Filtering
  • Modern Control Synthesis
  • Digital Control Technology

Winter quarter

  • Optimization Methods and Engineering Applications
  • Dynamic Programming and Model Predictive Control
  • Industrial Networks and Real-time Control Systems
  • Control Over Networks

Spring quarter

  • Automotive Control Systems
  • Aerospace Control Systems
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Advanced Control Applications
  • Summer quarter
  • Internship.


Durata The MACT program starts in September and its duration is 12 months. The program includes 80 credits, 60 corresponding to courses, and 20 to the internship in a lab or company operating in a MACT-related field and/or in technical laboratories of the Politecnico. Courses and labs are held at the Politecnico di Torino in ad-hoc classrooms. Courses are structured into three terms (ending June) plus one term devoted to the internship. All tuition and teaching material is in English. The second level specializing master is a full time program and attendance is compulsory. Students are allowed to miss at a maximum of 10% of lectures (illness included). Absences (except for the ones certified for medical problems) must be certified and approved by the master Coordinator. Stage Internship is a training period offered by major companies operating in the Specializing Master field. During the internship the student is officially allocated within a company, with full insurance coverage during working hours. It is compulsory and its duration is about 3 months (480 hours). During this period the student will be supported by the Master coordinator and supervised by his tutors (at the Politecnico di Torino and in the company); at the end he/she will acquire 20 educational credits (ECTS) doing a pilot project. Costo The tuition fee is 8.000 Euro, but for this II Level Specializing Master course there is also the opportunity of obtaining a scholarship. There is also the possibiliy to be enrolled only to some courses of the II Level Specializing Master and this possibility is generally addressed to people that wants to specifically deepen only some topics. The Master Coordinator will take into consideration the request depending on the course admission requirements, availability in the classroom etc. Borse di studio e finanziamenti

  • Politecnico di Torino, thanks to the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo, offers international students the possibility to receive a scholarship in addition to the coverage of tuition fees (8,000 Euro). The gross amount of the scholarship is 6,000 Euro*.  This amount could not be sufficient for the living costs in Italy, students will need their own pocket money. Payment of the scholarship occurs periodically (12 instalments). The first instalment is dependent upon the possession of the relevant documentation (residence permit, Italian fiscal code, and bank account in the name of the scholarship recipient), all obtainable upon arrival in Italy; for this reason, the first instalment is not paid at the moment of arrival at the Politecnico di Torino (September 2012), but at the end of October. Payment of the scholarship and the participation to the II level specializing master course will be suspended if the academic performance of the recipient does not meet a satisfactory level. Scholarship winners will be selected among the students who have successfully completed and submitted the online application form within May. All candidatures correctly received by the deadline will be taken into consideration for the available scholarships, it is not necessary to fill in any other proper document. * around 450 Euro net per month.
  • INPS (Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale) Gestione Ex INPDAP, nell'ambito delle iniziative Homo Sapiens Sapiens, azioni a sostegno della formazione universitaria, post universitaria e professionale (Master J – Laboratori di Opportunità formativa e occupazionale), in favore dei figli e degli orfani di iscritti e di pensionati della Gestione ex INPDAP, anche per effetto del D.M. 45/07, mette a concorso 1 borsa di studio per la partecipazione al master universitario di II livello in Automatica and control technologies per il prossimo anno accademico 2012/2013. La borsa di studio copre integralmente i costi di partecipazione al Master. Le domande di partecipazione al concorso devono essere inviate, entro e non oltre le ore 12 del giorno 21 settembre 2012, esclusivamente per via telematica attraverso la sezione “Servizi In Linea” nell’area riservata al concorrente, presente sul sito dell’Istituto. Prima ancora di presentare la domanda in via telematica però, i candidati dovranno iscriversi nella banca dati dell’Istituto, quali figli o orfani di dipendenti o di pensionati della Gestione Ex Inpdap, e successivamente procedere all’auto registrazione per l’acceso ai Servizi In Linea. Per ogni ulteriore informazione relativa alla presentazione della domanda sul sito dell'Istituto, sarà utilizzabile anche la pagina Facebook “Homo Sapiens Sapiens: Borse di Studio e Master ex Inpdap, Safari Job”, all’indirizzo: Maggiori informazioni sul bando, requisiti di accesso, modalità di compilazione e scadenze della domanda di ammissione sono disponibili alla pagina:"

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