LUISS School of Government
Città Roma Sheffield
Costo 15000 €
Durata 24 Mesi
Stage NO

This two-year programme puts issues related to European relations within a context of international society and global public affairs. It is aimed at those students who retain a strong interest in international politics and global perspectives, with special focus on Europe and Europe’s role in world affairs.

By the end of the programme, students will have acquired an independent and critical approach to complex global and specifically European issues. Furthermore, students will gain the skills and knowledge to enable them to contribute actively to global developments, either as practitioners or researchers.

This two year programme is a partnership between School of Government of LUISS Guido Carli and the Department of Politics at University of Sheffield.
The Department of Politics of the University of Sheffield was founded nearly 50 years ago and is ranked 1st for research in politics in the UK (RAE 2008), with 95% of published work deemed of international quality, 45% of which was considered world leading, and has consistently high student evaluations (overall student satisfaction rate 90% – NSS 2011). The Department is one of Europe’s most vibrant centres of high-quality teaching and world-class research and covers a broad range of disciplines with long-established strengths in governance and public policy, political theory, political economy and development.

The structure of the programme allows students to:

  • be able to understand, the history, theory and contemporary implications of international and European relations, as well as the forces that drive global developments;
  • acquire the tools to understand the dynamics of contemporary international and European relations;
  • develop an advanced understanding of issues of international governance and their significance;
  • design and conduct inquiries and subsequently report on scientific issues within international and European relations.

Sbocchi occupazionali
The programme is ideal for those considering a career that deals with European and global issues, since students will have the chance to explore different academic, professional and cultural environments. Both institutions will support them in their placement by exploiting their global professional networks. The placement will also depend on the professional and academic motivations of the candidates. In order to facilitate a rapid start of their careers, students will be provided with mandatory training in CV and interview skills, as well with the organisation of seminars where it is possible to meet and directly interact with professionals from international institutions and private corporations. They will also be provided with advanced professional courses in EU project management and EU politics while entering into contact with the vibrant academic and professional community of the two institutions.
The programme is also an excellent preparation for further research work by providing the necessary knowledge and skills for starting a PhD programme. Students will be able to discuss these issues directly with the two Directors of the programme.

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