MIP School of Management
Città Milano
Costo 12000 €
Durata 12 Mesi
Stage SI

Si tratta di Master universitario di I livello del Politecnico di Milano in collaborazione con Polidesign. Il Master è in lingua inglese.

The course is concerned with product-systems, that is, an integrated body of products, services and communication strategies with which a company presents itself to the market place and positions itself in society, thereby giving form to its strategy. It aims at building specific competences and developing a high level professionalism in the field of strategic design, innovation and design of product-systems.

The Master in Strategic Design is aimed at young graduates who wish to start or re-direct their professional careers working in the frontier area between design and management. In particular it is aimed at young designers with the ambition and inclination to work on problems of innovation management and business administration, and at young technicians and managers keen to understand the culture and work practices in the world of design.

The Master degree offers an in-the-field training experience, where research and innovation are referred to real cases and contexts, and aims at imparting a highly professional qualification, providing students with conceptual and practical tools that can be applied successfully within social and economic situations. At the end of the course, students take part in a 475 hours internship.


Durata 12 mesi da ottobre Lingua Inglese

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