Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Città Milano Lugano
Costo 9000 €
Durata 12 Mesi
Stage SI

The Master’s Course in Economics and International Policies is a joint initiative between ASERI – Università Cattolica di Milano and the University of Lugano (USI).

The program is an excellent example of international co-operation between academic institutions.
Thanks to this collaborative action, the Master’s course allows participants to acquire a double qualification:

  • An Italian Master’s diploma (first level) certified by the Università Cattolica
  • A Swiss Master’s degree certified by the USI

Classes will be held in Lugano during the first semester and in Milan during the second one. The third semester is dedicated to the drafting of the thesis and the internship.
MEPIN offers courses in Economics, Finance, Laws and Institution, International Policies. The Master’s Course has a multidisciplinary approach and allows to acquire knowledge on Sustainable Development, Microcredit, Financial Ethics, and more in general, on the partnerships between public authorities and private economic actors. Today PPP are a growing instrument allowing public and private actors to obtain a common goal in various sectors, as health, public utilities, infrastructures, social service, environmental resources.

The Master’s programme addresses itself to:

  • Young graduates with a strong interest in economics and institutions, aiming to acquire new scientific tools to boost their professional career at the international level.
  • People with a professional background who aspire to deepen and strengthen their knowledge and experience.

To ensure the quality of learning and interaction, the number of admitted students is limited to 30.
In order to enrol in the Master’s Program participants must:

  • Have completed a University degree
  • Pass a selection process based on CV
  • An oral interview can be required.

First Semester: University of Lugano
The courses given by the Faculty of Economics at the USI are classified into four main areas:

Economic area

  • Political Economy and Institutions or Advanced Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomy: Non-profit and Public Companies Economy or Microeconomics

Monetary area

  • Monetary Macroeconomics
  • Economy and Monetary Institutions

Legal area

  • Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Economic Globalization
  • Ethics and Law of Banking and Financial System

Interdisciplinary area

  • Microcredit, Law and Taxation
  • The Economic Thought in History
  • Advanced English

Second Semester: ASERI – Università Cattolica
Courses provided by ASERI are divided in 4 areas:

Economic area

  • Markets and Financial Processes
  • International Markets and Country Risk
  • Finance of Integrated Areas
  • Investment Activities into SME’s capitals
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Principles of International Finance
  • Emergent Markets and Country Risk

Institutional area

  • Institutions and EU Internal Market
  • Law of Capital Markets
  • Contractualism and International Investments
  • PPP: Regulation and Juridical Issues
  • Partnership Management

Political area

  • Major Political-Economic Institutions and Actors in the Modern Global Economy
  • Mafia, Terrorism and New Wars
  • International Financial Crimes
  • Ethics and Globalization
  • Governance of the International System
  • EU Public Policies
  • Politic Regulation of Local Development
  • Comparative Politics

Communication area

  • Organizing communication
  • English Communication Skills Development.


Durata Ottobre - Novembre dell'anno successivo Costo The Master's fee is CHF 9.000. The fee covers tuition, tutoring service, school's facilities and teaching materials. For Swiss citizens the total fee is CHF 5.000. For the first two extra semester students will be required to pay CHF 500. From the third extra semester on, students will be required to pay CHF 1.000. Borse di studio e finanziamenti CHF 4.000 scholarships are available for academic merits. Applications will be received till by July. More information on

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