Città Milano
Costo 17000 €
Durata 9 Mesi
Stage SI

This Master in Innovative Fashion Communication makes it possible to acquire a broad overview of fashion, luxury, the communication system and its evolution, of all the aspects that concern the most cutting-edge branding techniques.

The training process is built around an inovative approach to the study of technologies and solutions and practical experimentation in the sectors of the web, the social networks, the mobile network society, media and multimediality, social video advertising and the acquisition of skills in graphic visualisation.

The structure of the course exploits creative workshops devoted to innovation and experimentation (writing, video, photography etc.) thematic workshops, seminars and conferences held by sector experts and professionals.

Communicating fashion, representing it through image, language, the online dimension, experimenting the various declinations: from the website to the fashion show in streaming, from apps conceived to build customer loyalty, to online showrooms and the videos used to establish an emotional bond with the brand.
The digital world represents the most imporatant accelerating agent that the fashion-luxury sector could imagine. The social networks and the bloggers dictate trends and are now the main sector of investment. The communication professional today has to know how to bring him or herself into play with the media, the new media, the social media, social video advertising..…. a complex interaction in continual evolution.

The Master is open to graduates (or equivalent), undergraduates and professionals with at least 2/3 years’ experience in the sector. Intermediate level English proficiency is required.
The number of places on the course is limited. Candidates will be selected on the basis of:

  • curriculum vitae
  • aptitude test
  • practical test
  • interview for motivational assessment

Sbocchi occupazionali

  • Web Communication Manager
  • Digital Strategy planner
  • Communication Manager
  • Web content manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Art Director


  • Contemporary Fashion and the Fashion System: contemporary aspects of fashion  –   evolution and trends  – social psychology of fashion – analysis and development of the fashion system as a whole
  • Marketing & Branding: vision e mission – goals – targets –  competition (offline) – competitive advantage  and marketing strategy – brand concept – constituent elements of the brand – branding models – brand  identity – brand image – brand awareness and brand equity – luxury fashion  brand
  • Communication strategies: goals – marketing  and copy strategy – business communication and the web – communication channels and media – media plan – fashion  & luxury new media communication
  • Web Marketing: marketing of the new tecnologies – online marketing plan – viral web marketing (SEM)  – online competition – designing the website – optimising positioning in the search engines (SEO – SMO) – website directory – online  advertising
  • Social media communication:– social networks and social media – from broadcasting to narrowcasting – digital branding – writing on the web – content management – digital P.R. – brand reputation management – web & mobile usability – online communication campaign
  • Art Direction: visual communication – evocative and symbolic value of the images – the advertising message from headline to body copy – copy writing – press, television and web campaign – photography, video and multimedia application – visual & graphic design
  • Relational, Presentation and Communication Techniques – IT (Office package) – Photoshop and Illustrator – Workshops – Seminars and laboratories
  • Project Work & Presentation


Durata 9 Months starting in October + 3 Month-Internship. Attendance is mandatory. Stage The Internship&Job Opportunity Office sets up internships (when courses require it) for all Polimoda students. It also promotes the office activities in close collaboration with companies in the field and promotes meetings with students and companies in order to make internship selections. Thanks to the Polimoda Campus Database Service, the internship office helps graduates step into the business world and companies hire qualified personnel, thus creating a balance between offer and request Costo

  • €. 17000,00 Course
  • €. 180,00 Examination Fee at Polimoda
  • €. 300,00 On-Line Examination Fee
  • €. 200,00 Registration Fee for student VISA (if necessary).
Borse di studio e finanziamenti Two Scholarships offered by Chalhoub Group - Leading partner for luxury in the Middle East. Each scholarship covers the entire tuition fee equal to € 17.000. The scholarships are open to all students from the GCC Gulf area (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE,) or from the Middle East region (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria).  Excellent knowledge of English is required.

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